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The future of hospitality...
DYHP is a community for young, ambitious hospitality professionals

We are a non-profitable organization that strives to create a community for young, ambitious hospitality professionals. Our members are between 18 and 35, work in the Danish hospitality industry, and have a strong interest in developing a career within the field.

DYHP was founded in Copenhagen in 2015 with ambitions to achieve nationwide coverage. Through a number of events, DYHP is all about social and professional experiences, creating a sense of community, enabling our members to evolve socially and advance professionally. By including experts from various fields, DYHP place knowledge sharing on top of the agenda to support the members’ future careers.

With an entrepreneurial approach, we seek to influence the traditional mindset of the Danish hospitality industry. As tourism is becoming a topic of importance, both politically and socially, the demand for differentiated contributions to shape the industry is crucial. Hence, DYHP’s existence is fundamental to ensure a diversified discussion for a sustainable exploitation of the industry’s full potential.

It is essential to DYHP that we present and represent the Danish hospitality industry, and we enjoy experiencing it together. After all, we are just a bunch of foodies, hoteliers, and explorers.

The Team Behind DYHP

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Emil Lindvang Bentsen

Founding President
Emil holds a Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality Management from Ecole Hôtenlière de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland, where he specialised in market finance and real estate. Furthermore he works as a Hotel Consultant at Nordic Hotel Consulting

Kristian Haaber

Vice President – Head of Events
Kristian is taking a Master’s degree in communications at CBS. He has several years’ experience in the service industry and is holding the position of Marketing Assistant at Zleep Hotels.

Camilla Larsen

Head of Communication and Marketing
Camilla holds a Master in Communications and Public Administration from Roskilde University. She works as Social Media Coordinator at Arp-Hansen Hotel Group.

Yasmin Holmsgaard

Head of Finance and Memberships
Yasmin has written her bachelor in Business administration & Service management with her major in Tourism and Hospitality. Currently works as a financial assistant in an engineering company while studying to become a hotel building engineer

Jesper Andersen

Head of Partnerships
Jesper holds a bachelor in International Hospitality Management from Cphbusiness. He has many years of experience from the restaurant industry. He currently works as nightmanager at AC Hotel Bella Sky.