Young hospitality network is growing with new mentorship program


Danish Young Hospitality Professionals (DYHP), the first network association for young people in the Danish hospitality industry, was established nearly two years ago. Since, the network has experienced increasing support from the industry’s biggest profiles and hotels as well as continuous membership growth and more events; both professional and social. At the general assembly in January, it was decided that DYHP is to strengthen its membership by diminishing its age restrictions slightly. In the future, it will be talents between the age of 18 and 35 that can become members. For this end, a mentorship program is introduced to support the network’s main purpose as a network and experience platform.

Growth spurt

It is obvious that DYHP has come to stay; the network’s membership is growing steadily, and the interest among the main actors of the industry is increasing as well. DYHP offers all young people the possibility of a free trial at their first event, and most of them stick around afterwards as they are met by peers. It is not all about handshakes and ties but instead focus is on networking and learning through friendships and an open forum.

New initiative will create further growth and interest

Previously, members ranged from 23 to 30 years, but it was decided at the last general assembly that it should be expanded to include 18 to 35-year-old professionals as well. To benefit from the experience and knowledge from this change, the board is introducing a mentoring program for members between the ages 30 and 35. The mentors will be a strong addition to support new and young members of DYHP in gaining access to industry knowledge and information about the many possibilities in the industry.

We’ve experienced an enormous demand from both very young as well as experienced people in the industry. We are happy that we can reach more with this initiative while still emphasize that we are a community for young professionals in the industry. I personally look forward to the coming events as the age and experience diversity can create some really exciting discussions,” says Emil Lindvang Bentsen, co-founder and chairman of the board in DYHP.

The wider audience will not just increase the number of members in DYHP and to improve the members’ benefits further. It will also ensure benefits for the entire industry as DYHP will now be able to reach a younger segment who are about to choose their future path.

New board, new profile

At the general assembly, a new profile was elected to the board. Yasmin Holmsgaard, student at CBS and active member in DYHP’s working group since the beginning, is entering the board. Yasmin is taking over the role as responsible for finances and membership from Andreas Milling. Her background as a Service Management student at CBS and future engineer, Yasmin Holmsgaard is a great addition to the DYHP board.

I’m looking forward to creating a more structured approach to our membership coordination in DYHP, ensuring an even stronger and more coherent organization. The board and the work group wants a strong communication and contact points so that our members’ interests are met. As we are a growing organization with a far-reaching vision, it is essential that we create a strong relationship with and among our members,” explains Yasmin Holmsgaard, board member in DYHP.

Yasmin is entering a close cooperation with the remaining board – Camilla Larsen from Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, Emil Lindvang Bentsen from Nordic Hotel Consulting and Kristian Haaber from Zleep Hotels – who all remain their position on the board. Departing board members, Andreas Milling, is co-founder of DYHP, and despite a small heart ache, he is happy to step down and allow a new, qualified candidate take his position.

It has been an absolute honor to have laid the foundational work for DYHP and having been in the board. I know that Yasmin will do an amazing job in DYHP as the newest member of the board. I will continue being an active member of DYHP and look forward to following the development of this wonderful organization,” says Andreas Milling, co-founder and prev. board member in DYHP as well as hotel manager of Hotel Søpark, Maribo.

About DYHP

DYHP (Danish Young Hospitality Professionals) is a community and network for young, ambitious people in the hospitality industry. The members are made up of people between the age of 18 and 35, who have a huge interest in developing a career within the Danish hospitality industry. Through social and professional experiences, DYHP wants to create a community for young people that wants to learn more about, discuss and enjoy the benefits of the industry. Read more about DYHP on


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Chairman of the Board
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Board Member
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