29. July 2015

Become a member of DYHP

You become a member of DYHP – or a DYHP’er as we call it – by filling out the formula below. After the board members have accepted your application, you will get your picture on our Members page – The wall of DYHP’ers. (And don’t you worry – by “application” we don’t mean a long essay about yourself).

But what is a DYHP’er and can I become one?
A DYHP’er is a person working within the hospitality industry. You can work in administration, the reception, with marketing or communications, sales, accounting etc. There are no limits as long as you work within the industry.
As a member you have to be between the age of 18 and 35 and you also need to have a certain amount of passion about your work and/or the hospitality industry.

What can I do as a member?
You can be as much or as little involved as you want. You can simply just participate in our events (approx. four times a year) or you can be a bit more involved and be a part of the working group within DYHP – it’s your call! We’ll be happy to have you in our organisation no matter what.

What does it cost to be a member?
The year’s quota is a symbolic amount of 250 DKK, and covers our operational costs. More information about how to pay will follow in the email you will receive after applying for a membership.

Once your application is approved, you can freely participate in all our events. Please note that some of our events requires a fee, eg. dinners, overnight stays etc.

The only thing left to say is “we are looking forward to welcoming you at DYHP!”


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Membership Comittee at yasmin@dyhp.dk

Read the Association Statutes here

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